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Our Breakfast

between  10:00 a.m.  to  05:00 p.m.

1 Bread Roll, 2 Slice Toast,
2 Butter, 2 Jam,
4 Slice Sausage,
2 Fried Egg,
Tomato, Salad, Onion, Fruit,
2 Coffee (Coffeemaker), Water

only 129 Bath

Breakfast for only 129 Bath at Ting Tong Bar Pattaya

More breakfast choice

Our Menu Card

No. FoodPrice
01Stuffed Bell Peppers, incl. Side Dishes210 Baht
02Goulash, incl. Side Dishes190 Baht
03Meatloaf, incl. Side Dishes180 Baht
04Meatballs, incl. Side Dishes210 Baht
05Porkfilet in Peppersauce, incl. Side Dishes210 Baht
06Spaghetti Bolognese180 Baht
07Stuffed Cabbage, incl. Side Dishes190 Baht
082 Meatball, incl. Side Dishes180 Baht
09Beef Roulade, incl. Side Dishes240 Baht
10Chicken Fricassee210 Baht
11Sour marinated Beef, incl. Side Dishes270 Baht
Side Dishes to Choice: A) Roasted Potatos B) Boiled Potatos C) French Fries D) Potato Croquettes E) Rice F) Mixed Vegetables G) Red Cabbagen
12Escalope, French Fries150 Baht
13Escalope, Chasseur Sauce, French Fries180 Baht
14Escalope, Gypsy Style, French Fries180 Baht
15Escalope, Hawaiian Style, French Fries180 Baht
16Escalope, Fried Egg, French Fries180 Baht
17Escalope, Lesco Sauce, French Fries180 Baht
18Escalope, Bolognese, French Fries180 Baht
19Soljanka, Sausage, Pork, Lesco Stew120 Baht
20Lentil Soup120 Baht
21Goulash Soup120 Baht
22Chicken Soup120 Baht
23Chilli con Carne120 Baht
24Bismark Fish Bread Roll100 Baht
25Escalope Bread Roll120 Baht
26Meatball, Mastard, Bread50 Baht
27Sandwich, Ham Cheese70 Baht
28Sandwich Hawaiian90 Baht
29Fried Potatos A Fried Egg, B Scrambled Egg150 Baht
30French Fries60 Baht
31Potato Croquettes80 Baht
32Fried Potatos80 Baht
33Bitterballen, Breadcrumbed Beef, 6 Pieces95 Baht
34Chicken Nuggets, 6 Pieces90 Baht
35Chicken Wings Buffalow, 6 Pieces90 Baht
36German Fried Sausage, Mastard, Bread50 Baht
37German Fried Sausage, Curry Sauce, Bread100 Baht
38Spring Rolls, Vegetarian, 6 Pieces90 Baht
39Hashbrowns, Sugar, 3 Pieces70 Baht
40Hashbrowns, Apple Sauce, 3 Pieces110 Baht

Our Drinks Card

Do you like typical food from Thailand or Cambodia? No problem, visit our Thai Khmer Restaurant, a few meters away, or have dinner at the Ting Tong Bar.


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